The Square 37 project, designed by Enrique Norten of TEN-Arquitectos, will be an architecturally unique and dynamic 10-story mixed-use project that incorporates exemplary urban design, architecture and landscape elements. It will include an approximately 20,600 square foot new, state-of-the-art West End Public Library, 300,000 square feet of luxury residential units, 7,400 square feet of ground floor retail and 246 parking spaces over three below-grade levels. There will be 164 residential units over two cores with an average size of approximately 1,497 net square feet. The West core will feature 71 larger for-sale condominiums and the East core will feature 93 smaller rental units. Both cores will have the same fixtures, finishes and equipment. The Project will also offer shared amenities including a penthouse swimming pool, common rooms and a roof deck as well as an exercise room and a business center on the mezzanine level.

The Library, retail and residential uses have been carefully placed to respond to the unique character of L, 23rd and 24th Streets, respectively. The Library entrance is located along L Street, with frontage that extends from the corner of 24th Street to the attached café at the corner of 23rd Street. The retail uses are located on 23rd Street directly across the street from Ritz-Carlton retail and restaurant spaces.

The residential units on floors two through ten are designed to create a rhythmic stepping that projects a diagonal beyond the property line, establishing a presence into the public space and adding interest and movement to a neighborhood of static, cube-shaped buildings. This movement allows each residential unit to have its own unique corner window along with diverse conditions of projections throughout. The receding and protruding pattern repeats on 23rd and 24th Streets to address each street, creating tangential views for all the residential units specific to its street.


Square 50 development will feature an approximately 15,500 square foot new, state-of-the-art West End Fire Station, an approximately 19,700 square foot world-class, tournament-ready squash facility and an approximately 54,300 square foot Affordable Housing building with 55 units at 60% AMI or less along with six market-rate residential units and a one level garage with 24 parking spaces.

Square 50, also designed by Enrique Norten of TEN-Arquitectos, will combine these three disparate uses in an architecturally unique and dynamic 90’-high concrete structure that incorporates exemplary urban design, architecture and landscape elements. The Fire Station, Athletic Facility and residential portions of the building each have a unique architectural identity – using different materials, setbacks and cantilevers to express the unique character of each use.

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